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  4 Sep 2015
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Church of England releases initial response to same-sex marriage consultation
The Church of England has posted on its website its initial response to the Government's consultation on same-sex marriage:

'The Church of England/Archbishops' Council will study the Government's consultation on whether to redefine marriage to accommodate those of the same sex and respond in detail in due course. The following summary of the Church of England's position has been posted on the Church of England website:

"The Church of England is committed to the traditional understanding of the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman.
"The Church of England supports the way civil partnerships offer same-sex couples equal rights and responsibilities to married heterosexual couples. Opening marriage to same-sex couples would confer few if any new legal rights on the part of those already in a civil partnership, yet would require multiple changes to law, with the definition of marriage having to change for everyone.

Click here for rest of statement

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(Source: Church of England website, 15/03/2012)

Filed: 16 Mar 2012
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